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Welcome to Thai Visa World Travel, we are a website dedicated to providing travel and visa services for Thai citizens looking to travel around the world/outside of Thailand. Our job is to help you determine the best visa type for you, save you time and help the process of making a visa quick and easy/simple. We specialize in travel, tourist, and visitor visas for family, friends or boyfriends/girlfriends.

We also assist in the translation of documents from Thai to English and visa versa. We can inform you of countries that don’t need a visa, and for the ones that do require a visa we can help you each step of the way to make the whole process a lot less costly and stressful. Have a look through our information and get in touch us today to schedule your first appointment on us.

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Visa Requirements

Every country has different visa requirements depending on the visa type that you wish to apply for. Read more information about visas for different destinations below.


US Visa | Canada Visa

America & Canada are dream destinations of many Thai people. With natural beauty, famous attractions and a diverse culture you will find that America & Canada are not like anywhere else in the world. They can however have the toughest and most demanding visa requirements to meet before entering either countries, but let the visa process be our duty.

UK Visa

England is a land of beautiful landscapes and has a history that goes back to the old ages. With a blend of culture, fantastic sites to see and modern technology this is a place Thai travelers enjoy to travel. If you have been invited by a partner to visit or you are interested in traveling alone, leave your visa concerns aside and let your UK visa be our thing.

Australia Visa | New Zealand Visa

Australia & New Zealand are both amazing destinations made up of friendly people and natural wonders with well known tourist attractions that many Thai people want to see. Of course your travels there cannot go without the appropriate tourist visa, consult with us for your visa requirements, we’ll help make everything a lot easier.

Schengen Visa (Europe)

Europe is a dream destination of not only Thai travelers but many people around the world. If you wish to go there then what you first need is a Schengen visa, which includes 26 of the 50 countries inside of Europe. Leave your Schengen visa with us as we have great knowledge in this area and will help get your Schengen visa approved and your next dream holiday come true.

Chinese Visa

China is a large nation of 1.42 billion people, ancient history and foods the Thai people love to try. If you are interested in getting a Chinese visa but do not have the time to get to know the full process and what documents are required, choose us as your Chinese visa service. With a professional team and vast expertise and great experience, it is a simple matter for us.

Translation Service

Are you having a hard time with the preparation and translation of official documents? Naturally foreign embassies need to see important documents providing proof of your income and other such information about yourself translated from Thai to English so save yourself the hassle and leave it with us.

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Our Process

Here is a brief explanation of the 6 step visa process with Thai Visa World Travel.

6 Reasons to ChooseThai Visa World Travel

Experienced Professionals

The visa process for different countries can be quite extensive and at times a little daunting. Allow our experienced professionals to provide you with all the required information, expert advice and greatly increase the chance of getting your visa approved.

Native Thai & Fluent English Translation Service

Some embassies require you provide documents with English translation. We can assist with the translation of such documents from Thai to English.

Save Time & Hassle

Save yourself the time and hassle of the visa process. We will help you with quickly understanding which visa type you need, the visa requirements, translation of documents, filling in the forms and scheduling your appointment with the relevant embassy (if required).

Easy Communications

Contact us via email, phone, Line or Skype. Our visa specialists are always here to answer your questions and guide you to a successful outcome of your visa application.

Bilingual website

We have both Thai and English version of our website to make browsing the website easy for all to navigate. (Change language in the top right corner of website.)

We can give you the best price

We understand that traveling can be costly so we understand you are want the best deal possible. We will beat any written quote for the same visa type and service offered.

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