How to Bring Your Thai Girlfriend To England

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How to Bring Your Thai Girlfriend To England

If you would like to know how to bring your Thai Girlfriend to England the easiest way is to get a holiday visa, tourist / visitor visa and this means you will also have to sponsor her with an invitation letter and proof income, bank statements and other official documents to verify your ability to support her travels with you.

Can my Thai girlfriend come to the UK?

You sure can bring your Thai girlfriend to the UK if you just follow a few simple steps and requirements to getting a tourist or visitor visa. We at Thai Visa World Travel can help you with that process.

Can I apply for a visa for my Thai girlfriend?

Yes you can apply for a visa for your Thai girlfriend by sponsoring her to get a tourist / visitor visa.

Can I sponsor my Thai girlfriend to come to UK?

Yes you can sponsor your girlfriend to come to the UK, in fact it is the most reliable way to apply for her tourist visa.

How do I sponsor my Thai girlfriend to come to the UK?

To sponsor your Thai girlfriend to come to the UK you will need to write a well written invitation letter of intent, also showing evidence of your relationship together, bank statements and other required documents.

What about a UK Visa for my Thai Fiance?

Unless you are married, we would recommend simply being her sponsor and attaining a holiday or tourist / visitor visa.

Thailand Tourist Visa UK Cost

The cost for a Thailand tourist visa to the UK can range from 2,000 to 7,000 baht depending on the package you require. At Thai Visa world travel, we can take over the whole process for you and make sure everything runs smoothly and there is no major delays.

Read more about getting a Thai UK Tourist Visa here.


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