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UK Visa (Tourist / Visitor)

What you should should know about getting your UK Visa

The UK tourist visa is the most popular choice for Thai people interested in traveling to the UK for the purpose of visiting family and friends, accompany a boyfriend or girlfriend. Applying for a UK tourist visa is not difficult and nor is it easy, so long as you prepare the necessary documents explaining clearly your purpose for traveling. The Embassy offers a variety of time periods to choose when you complete your UK visa application form, however most UK visa applications are approved for a period of 6 months or more.

Essentials For Getting Your UK Visa Application Approved

Our Service With Thai Visa World Travel

  1. Free consultation at no cost whatsoever
  2. Several packages to choose from to meet the needs of our applicants
  3. Provide a checklist of documents required by the British Embassy
  4. Give you guidance to answering questions from the embassy and provide virtual practice interviews to ensure every chance of success
  5. In the event of a sponsor, write a letter on your behalf to explain the details of your relationship and the purpose of travel
  6. Additionally we can make travel plans such as flight bookings and accommodation (If you are travelling by yourself)

Package A

1,990 ฿

Package B

6,990 ฿

Package C

3,990 ฿ ​

Note:  All of the above packages do not include any additional costs such as fee embassy or travel insurance.

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Visa Application

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