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U.S. Visa / Canada Visa (Tourist / Visitor)


US Visa (Tourist / Visitor) B-1 / B-2 What You Should Know About Getting Your US Visa B-1 / B-2

Visas B-1 and B-2 are for Thai citizens wishing to travel to the United States temporarily for the purpose of business (B-1) or tourism (B-2), these two are issued together as one us visa. Typically visa B-1 is for travelers wishing to catch up with colleagues, researching potential business ideas, career options, education and occupational opportunities. The B-2 visa is for those who are traveling for tourism or visiting friends and relatives including those relatives who may need medical treatment, and also includes the participation of charitable work and social service activities.

Business and tourist visa (B1 / B2) applicants who apply for a US visa will be considered by the US embassy in Thailand, ​​in most cases it will be up to 10 years however at the discretion of the Embassy officials. This is the reason applicants must be well prepared with all required US travel documents and be thoroughly prepared for the US visa appointment with the US embassy.

Essentials For Getting Your US Visa Application Approved


Canada Visa (Tourist / Visitor) What You Should Know About Getting Your Canadian Visa (Tourist / Visitor)

When we think of Canada, a country full of natural resources and diverse cultures comes to mind. There are plenty of things to do in this beautiful country and many tourist attractions that Thai travellers love to go and see. However before getting to that Thai people must have a Canadian tourist visa. Usually most applicants are granted a Canadian visa by the embassy for a period of 6 months or at the discretion of the Canadian Embassy.

Essentials For Getting Your Canada Visa Application Approved

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  5. Additionally we can make travel plans such as booking hotel accommodation (If you travel by yourself)

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